Einblick Arkadenhof Schloss Greinburg


Donaufestwochen Opera 2023

05.08.2023, 06.08.2023, 11.08.2023, 12.08.2023, 13.08.2023, at 7 pm

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

ZAIDE KV 344 (336b)
German musical play in two acts (1779/80), Fragment

A sultan desires his slave, who is of European origin, but she is in love with another slave, who is also of European origin. An unknown future and thoughts about escape rule over their destiny…
This astonishing piece has been found in Mozart’s legacy. It is a story set in the former popular subject of “Turkish Operas”. Mozart stopped working on this play after 15 brilliant tunes in an avant-gardistic style. The overture, the end and the dialogues are missing. This makes room for new interpretations about great subjects, such as love and freedom, rage and fear.

Ekaterina Krasko   Zaide
Jakob Maximilian Gerberth   Gomatz
Virgil Hartinger   Sultan
Stefan Zenkl   Osmin
Philipp Kranjc   Allazim
Barbara Novotny   Narrator

L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Michi Gaigg   Musical Direction
Manuela Kloibmüller   Production
Isabella Reder   Stage & Costum Design

Tickets € 65,00/ € 57,00/ € 51,00 (Link)